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Adult Nite Out?

So, when we went to Disney last week, we went with friends of ours, who we met through our sons. They are 13 and 14 years old are so much alike that they could be brothers and are both really great kids. They also have a little girl that just turned one. She was wonderful during the trip and even enjoyed the Spirit of Aloha Luau, with us. But she is only one. And not thinking about her being with us, before we left, I made some late evening Dining Reservations at Le Cellier Steakhouse and ‘Ohana. This probably would have been a little bit of a problem (even as wonderful as she is) she probably would have started getting fussy after her bedtime. But there is an Unknown Magic that we used, well they used, which made our dinners great and still took care of the little one. This would be the Unknown Magic of the Babysitting service. Disney does not take care of this in house they use a company called Kid’s Nite Out.

Kid’s Nite Out offers two different services. They offer a service of Mother or Father’s Helper where one of their people will accompany your family throughout the day as you are in the parks and wherever else you go. They also offer the service our friends took advantage of, an In-room Babysitting Service. The rates aren’t bad- $16/hour with a 4 hour minimum. And all the sitters are over 18 and have been trained in CPR and first aid. And as they say on their website:

“Each caregiver is thoroughly assessed with an application process, interviews, background checks, and reference checks. Equally as prioritized, the caregiver must fully comprehend child safety, know what children like in order to have fun, and genuinely love children. Once approved, each caregiver goes through specialized Kid's Nite Out training and Disney Orientation. All services are followed through with stringent security procedures.”

And as we discussed when we were there, Disney would not recommend anyone that would do anything to diminish their guests expriences, so they must do a good job.

Well they did do a great job. The first night they utilized the service, they found the sitter to be great. The baby was asleep 10 minutes after we left and there weren’t any problems. Our friends, who are very cautious parents, were so impressed that when we got back that night, they booked her for later in our trip also. It worked out wonderfully and made for Magical Experiences at both meals, as we didn’t have to cut anything short and no one had to worry about a fussy baby.
So, now you know, if you have a little one and you want an adults night out, you can have one by using the Unknown Magic of Kid’s Nite out come and babysit for you. This could create Magical Experiences for you and maybe the kids too! 

For information on Kid’s Nite out, you can check out: http://www.kidsniteout.com/svcs_sitter.aspx or call1-800-696-8105
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