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For the Birds

Over the weekend we visited my parents in West Virginia. It’s very beautiful country right now; all the trees have changed colors and the mountains are an awe inspiring sight this time of year. It was as always a very relaxing trip. They live up in the mountains on a back road with the closest town with a store about 15 minutes away, so there isn’t any traffic sounds or really any noise at all at night. While we were there it snowed. Not a lot, a couple of inches that by the second day had all but melted away. Because of the snow, my folks had my son feed the birds a couple of times while we were there. They usually feed them every couple of days, but the birds were flocking to the feeder, so we fed them more than normal. They have some pretty awesome birds there; Finches, Chickadees, the Tufted Titmouse, Junko, Nuthatches, Cardinals, Blue Jays and a few different types of Wood Peckers. When in Walt Disney World, you can see different kinds of birds also. So, today I present to you, The Unknown Magic of the Birds in Walt Disney World.

Donald has been “The Bird” at Disney since 1934, when he was first in The Wise Little Hen. Since then he was been in many shorts, full length movies (The Three Caballeros, and the Three Musketeers), on television, and now a main stay in the Disney Parks. But, Donald isn’t the only Disney bird. There have been birds in movies from Mary Poppins to Toy Story. There are actually a lot of Disney Birds. They show up in Parades, and in pre-shows in the Walt Disney World Resort. Some of them the Disney Company has promoted in their movies and parks and others that are just wild birds that have made the Walt Disney World Resort their home. And all of them can create Magical Experiences.

One of my favorite Bird related Unknown Magics in Walt Disney World is in front of the Seas with Nemo and Friends. The Seagulls from the movie are out front of the pavilion and are pretty neat to see. Of course the Enchanted Tiki Birds under new Management is not an Unknown Magic, but the preshow at this attraction may be. Zazu and Iago, the new owners of the Tiki Room, welcome you in a special way, before you enter the Enchanted Tiki Room.

The wild birds that are around the Walt Disney Resort are really kind of great also. In the Magic Kingdom, you can see Ducks, Black Birds and these beautiful white crane-like birds. They are found all over the Magic Kingdom. They usually are around places where there is food, but the ducks can be found wandering all over the Magic Kingdom, there is plenty of water for them. This is the case over in Epcot also.

There are ducks that swim on the World Showcase Lagoon and we have actually been on a Friendship Launch (the boats that go between the Disney Hollywood Studios and Epcot on Crescent Lake) and had a duck hitch a ride on the front of the boat. The ducks in Epcot are a very wonderful Unknown Magic, because they provide something to watch while you take a break and grab something to eat or just sit along the water to relax.

One of the most amazing things I’ve seen in Downtown Disney including a bird. As we were walking along in Downtown Disney, this past summer when we were down, all of a sudden there was a huge shadow across the sky. When we caught a glimpse of what it was, we noticed a Crane in the tree off to our left. It was a large bird and actually looked too big for the branch it was sitting on. It was a very pretty bird and an amazing sight in the middle of a very busy Downtown Disney.

Another Magical Experience that we were lucky enough to see; was a few years back when we were staying at the Old Key West Resort. Outside of our room, we had a little balcony, and off to the side of the balcony, was a mother duck and her ducklings. The week we were there, we got to watch them feed in the grass and waddle their way down and back to the water.

So, now you know, if you are a bird watcher, there are Unknown Magics all over the Walt Disney World Resort, especially for you. You can see different types of birds in all of the parks and in other guest areas throughout Disney World. So, the next time you’re in Disney take the time to be a bird watcher and enjoy a Magical Experience.
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